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Boating Safety Law

Boating Safety Law, The new Suffolk County Boating Safety Law will take effect November 6, 2013. The Boating Safety Law will apply to all Suffolk County Residents who operate a boating vessel.
(A)"No resident of Suffolk County shall operate a pleasure vessel upon the waters of Suffolk County unless the operator is the holder of a boating safety certificate issued by the Commission of the NYS Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation; by the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary; or by any other entity that offers a boating course that meets the standards set by the National Association of Boating Law Administrators."

(B)"All residents of Suffolk County operating a pleasure vessel upon the waters of Suffolk County shall maintain their boating safety certificate on board their vessel during all periods of operation."

Read the official Suffolk County Boating Safety Law (PDF format)

Intent: "The purpose of this law is to require all Suffolk County boaters to receive boating safety instruction."*** Keep in mind that online boating coarse's are not acceptable. The Boating Safety Law as it read from the Suffolk Safer Waterways Act.

Boating Safety Requirements

Anyone operating a personal watercraft.

Anyone who is at least 10 years old but not yet 18 years old, who wants to operate a powerboat without adult supervision. Children under the age of 10 may never operate a motorboat without an adult onboard.

Boating Rules

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Boating Safety Classes

Boating Information

Pleasure vessel: every vessel not within the classification of a public vessel or residential vessel. However, the provisions do not apply to rowboats, canoes and Kayaks (or crew racing shells). NYS is currently working on adopting a similar law.
Further Questions: Suffolk County Police Marine Bureau (631) 854-8382

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